Hampshire Athletics - Executive Committee
Minutes of meeting held on Friday 11 July 2014
Fleming Park, Eastleigh

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Pam Rogers (President), Mike Williams (Secretary), Richard Dean (Treasurer), Mary Axtell (Vice Chair), Betty Tabor, Alan Cropp, Mary Goater, Jackie Tobin, Christine Weeks


Reg Eade, John Lofts, Sheena Fitzmaurice, John Fitzmaurice, Kathy Bailey, Tim Wilding, Mike Barratt, Terry Williams, Eileen Williams, Richard Pearson, Cliff Manton, Colin Goater (Chair), Christine Benning, Michael Coker, David Vosser, David Churcher

A minutes silence was held before the meeting started in memory of Liz Jukes and John Hewitt, Hampshire Athletics Technical Officials, who sadly passed away recently.

Minutes from Meeting on 9 May 2014:

Minutes accepted.

Matters Arising:

No matters arising.

Secretary: Mike Williams

The SEAA AGM will take place on the 7 September, all clubs have been notified.

Details of future competitions have been passed onto the relevant team managers.

Certificate of affiliation has been received form England Athletics.

Treasurer: Richard Dean

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In answer to a question from Jackie Tobin asking whether the Athletics Network funds held by Hampshire County council were ring-fenced, Richard replied that steps had been taken to avoid a potential problem and that Michael Coker was going to convene a meeting of the Finance and Sustainability Sub Group in the next couple of weeks to safeguard the future funding of the Network.

Finance and Sustainability Sub Group: Michael Coker

Report to be made available for the next meeting in September.

U17 Inter Counties Match, 20 July:

8 Counties will be competing. Because of other fixtures taking place on the same day it has been a problem recruiting Technical Officials, but following an urgent request, we have received more offers to assist now. Many thanks to the Field Referee, Paul Chamberlain, who has had to revise the timetable, to ensure that all of the field events advertised can now take place.

Track & Field Championships: Richard Dean, Mike Williams and Christine Weeks

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Multi Event Championships: Quad Kids Events: Date: 5 May

May Day Events Suggestions from Alan Cropp:

At the last meeting I attended it was suggested that the number of entrants to the Quadkids events might have to be limited.

I believe that the that the athletics structure is a pyramid starting with the youngest age group. The strength of the pyramid is in its foundation. Every child who wishes to compete should be given the opportunity to do so. We can raise the standards later when we have captured their interest.

I suggest the following points might be considered when deciding how to accommodate a large entry. The entrants be divided into four groups by age and sex. This would enable the groups to be deployed separately or simultaneously as the facilities became available. Both long jump pits should be used. As the Howler is rarely thrown over 30 metres both ends of the arena could be used simultaneously together with the space beyond the back straight long jump. The Howler is thrown on beaches and in parks but I know of no injuries or bans. The four groups could be distinguished by a distinguishing prefix, not needed in the case of one group and 1,2 and 3 for the others. Thus the judges , who are sometimes deterred from attending by 3 digit numbers, would only need to the last two digits. It is probably easier to discard the last digit when recording numbers. Cross-country and Road Relays use numbers with a suffix letter to indicate which leg the runner is on, and these would be easier to use. It also helps in wearing the number the right way up. They are probably dearer but Hampshire Playing Fields , of which we are life members, have paid `for competitors numbers bearing their name in the past. HPFA is a registered charity and they have no interests which conflict with those of Saucony.

If both the back and front straights were used for the 75 metres two groups could compete at the same time. Two groups of officials would be needed and the races run alternately. One setting up whilst the other is in process. This might mean two ways of starting the races. These children in Sportshall are used to starting on the whistle. Most starters have an acme thunderer, but the police type whistle makes a different sound. The two referees in hockey each have a different sounding whistle. For the track judging a referee, or deputy, and three judges would be sufficient. A lane judge is also invaluable. Some of these youngsters are so busy watching each others they can't run in a straight line but the real help is in keeping the youngsters in their lanes and making them turn to face the judges and show their identification. Many girls have hair long enough to obscure their rear number. So few judges might have difficulties with close finishes but these competitors might be expected to be given the same times. Their points are awarded on time, not position, as are other multi-eventers.

A further difficulty was experienced with the restrictions on middle distance running for under thirteens. It might be an idea to run the heats of the 800m. on May Day. Any in the pentathlon who wished to enter the 800m. would not be ruled out as their concluding heat could double up as a heat of the week-end 800. Those who did not qualify could be given a free entry to the 1,500m. heats on the following Saturday, It gives some the hope of competing in both events with a suitable rest between them. Of course it does not accommodate the runner who is excellent at both events.

Alan was thanked for his suggestions, and they will be discussed in full by the championships team.

Track and Field Championships: Date: 24 and 25 May

Following the increase in entry figures for all of the championships, it was agreed that unfortunately guest entries will not be accepted in the future.

2015 Cross Country Championships: Pam Rogers

Date for the championships is the 3 January 2015 at Eastleigh. Pam reported that she has regular discussions with Eastleigh Running Club members, with regards to the staging of the championships next year.

Team Managers:

Full details have been circulated to the relevant team mangers for the U17 Inter Counties Match taking place on Sunday 20 July, Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth.

Full reports are published on the website:- www.hampshireathletics.org.uk

Joint Technical Officials Report: Eileen & Terry Williams

Steve Sear's Thanksgiving Service took place at North Camp Methodist Church, Farnborough on 3rd July with a very large gathering. Unfortunately the sad news regarding our Officials continues with the sudden passing away of John Hewitt (67) who was not only a Timekeeper but also a stalwart of AFDAC and although we could not attend we understand that once again there was a large gathering. The bad news continues with the loss of Liz Jukes whilst she was on holiday at their home in Greece. Liz was only 62 and an excellent Official and will be sadly missed. We will be holding a minute's silence at the Saucony Hampshire Grand Prix at Basingstoke next week. Her funeral was yesterday but once again we could not attend as we are in Birmingham for the English Schools Championships.

Of interest this year Hampshire had 94 athletes with ESAA standards with in excess of 30 with National Standards. There are only 60 places available so unfortunately there were over 30 disappointed athletes but it does say a lot for Hampshire Schools' athletics.

On the bright side the County Track & Field Championships went quite well and we have given a summary of points raised in the Meeting Reports to Mike, Christine and Richard as they were to meet to discuss how matters went.

The U17 Inter Counties has been causing some problems with insufficient Officials and also a programme which the Field Referee queried but all has been resolved with adjustments to the programme and also an influx of Officials from Hampshire and other Counties.

We have been pleased with the response from our New Officials and a number attended both the main Championships and also the Schools and are now progressing well and now have their full Pass/Licence. In addition we are also seeing other Officials progressing with promotion to County and Region.

Sportshall: Michael Coker

Dates and venues for the 2014/15 League Matches are:-

  • 19 October 2014 - Winchester
  • 23 November 2014 - Andover
  • 25 January 2015 - Portsmouth
  • 8 March 2015 - Eastleigh

Development: Michael Coker

email address for Michael is :- michael.coker@hants.gov.uk

England Athletics: Christine Benning

email address for Christine is:- cbenning@englandathletics.org


Betty Tabor reported that there are consultations taking place about the future of Fleming Park "Parkland", and as this is where the XC championships are held, the county do need to be aware of the impact this draft plan may have.

Future meeting dates for your diary

Friday 12 September
Friday 14 November
Friday 9 January 2015
Venue: Park Suite, Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh, at 7.30 pm

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