Hampshire Athletics Grand Prix Basingstoke 2019

Hampshire Athletics mini Grand Prix Basingstoke 2019

Hampshire Athletics Grand Prix
Basingstoke - Wednesday 17 July 2019

Images from the Hampshire Athletics Grand PrixA SHOWCASE TRACK & FIELD GRAND PRIX EVENT

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100m400mHigh JumpShot
200m800mPole VaultDiscus
300m3000mLong JumpJavelin

The results have now been loaded onto Power of 10, showing the following numbers of Personal Bests and Season's Bests that were achieved:

100m59113High Jump136-
200m54104Pole Vault1793
300m1312Long Jump2132

That's a success rate of 33% PBs and a further 9% SBs.

Congratulations to all athletes!

Results on the Power of 10 website

Event timetable

Note: 4 attempts for all competitors for Throws and Long Jump

Track TimetableField Timetable
17:30800mU13B, U13G17:00High JumpU13B, U13G
17:45100mU13B, U13G17:30Pole VaultMen/Women, U15 to Senior
100mU15B, U15G
100mU17M, U17WJavelinMen/Women, U15 to Senior
100mU20M, SM
100mU20W, SW
18:15800mPaced Races
U15 to Senior
18:00High JumpU15G, U17W, U20W, SW
Long JumpU15B, U17M, U20M, SM
19:30400mU17M18:30Long JumpU15G, U17W, U20W, SW
400mU20W, SW
400mU20M, SM
300mU15B, U15G, U17W
200mU13B, U13GShotU15B, U17M, U20M, SM
200mU15B, U15G
200mU17M, U17W
200mU20M, SM
200mU20W, SW
21:003000mPaced Races
U15 to Senior
19:45High JumpU15B, U17M, U20M, SM
ShotU15G, U17W, U20W, SW
DiscusU17M, U17W, U20M, U20W,


The Hampshire Athletics Grand Prix takes place at Down Grange, Basingstoke. The postcode is RG22 5SN.

Map of Down Grange, Basingstoke

Athlete registration

At the start of April 2016, new UKA Rules for Competition came into effect which included important changes regarding compulsory athlete registration in competitions held under UKA Rules (these rules apply in competitions for the Under 13 Age Group and above).

It will be all the more important athletes check that their registration with England Athletics has been renewed for the 2019-20 season.

It is therefore important that competing athletes ensure they are up to date with payment of their club subscriptions and that, when due, their 'club subs' are renewed promptly so that their England Athletics athlete registration fee can be paid.

So far as the Grand Prix is concerned, the registrations of all athletes entering will be checked. It will be helpful and save time if you can specify your England Athletics registration number on your entry form, but this is not essential - your entry will be checked anyway.

You will be informed if you aren't registered or your registration is out of date, in which case please ensure that you are correctly registered before the Grand Prix or, at the latest, seven days after it.

PLEASE NOTE: As it is not possible for an individual to register with England Athletics other than through an affiliated club, no unattached athletes can be accepted in the Grand Prix. However, we can accept entries from unattached athletes studying at schools and colleges which are affiliated to Hampshire Schools' AA - please write the name of your school or college in the Club box instead.