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Postcode: OX4 2RR

SEAA Under 17 and Under 15 Inter-Counties Championships
Sunday 10 September 2023
Horspath Sports Ground, Oxford

This competition was introduced in 2022, replacing the 8-Counties Under 17 match and the Under 15 section of the SEAA Under 20 and Under 15 Inter-Counties Championships. All the 19 constituent counties in the South of England Athletic Association region are invited to participate: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.


The Under 15 Boys came first in their competition, and the Under 15 Girls came second in theirs, one point behind Surrey. The Under 17 Women also came second and the Under 17 Men came seventh:

Under 17 Men (7th)
Under 17 Women (2nd)
Under 15 Boys (1st)
Under 15 Girls (2nd)

Results on the SEAA website

Results on the Power of 10 website


Horspath Sports Ground is to the east of Oxford just off the Eastern Bypass (A4142). Its postcode is OX4 2RR.

Map of Horspath Sports Ground


From the South and South West take the A4142 towards Cowley and Headington. Beyond Cowley, turn right at the junction marked for Horspath. BMW Car Park is on the right after 600 yards. Do not park on the road.

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Car Parking is available at the BMW Car Park. This is on the right hand side of the road leading down to the track. Please note there is no parking, turning point or drop-off at the track itself.Parking map for SEAA Inter-Counties, Oxford

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Download timetable (pdf)

Track events

 TimeEventAge GroupHeats/Final
T110:00400m HurdlesU17M2 Heats
T210:15300m HurdlesU17W2 Heats
T711:10300mU15G2 Heats
T811:20300mU15B2 Heats
T911:35100mU15G2 Heats
T1011:45100mU15B2 Heats
T1111:55100mU17W2 Heats
T1212:05100mU17M2 Heats
T1312:20300m HurdlesU17WFinal
T1412:30400m HurdlesU17MFinal
T1512:45800mU15G2 Heats
T1613:00800mU15B2 Heats
T1713:15800mU17W2 Heats
T1813:25800mU17M2 Heats
T2514:2075m HurdlesU15G2 Heats
T2614:3580m HurdlesU17W2 Heats
T2714:4580m HurdlesU15B2 Heats
T2815:00100m HurdlesU17M2 Heats
T2915:15200mU15G2 Heats
T3015:25200mU15B2 Heats
T3115:35200mU17W2 Heats
T3215:45200mU17M2 Heats
T3316:00400mU17W2 Heats
T3416:10400mU17M2 Heats
T3916:45100m HurdlesU17MFinal
T4016:5580m HurdlesU15BFinal
T4117:0080m HurdlesU17WFinal
T4217:1075m HurdlesU15GFinal

Field events

 TimeEventAge Group
F310:30HammerU17M (Outside)
F410:30Pole VaultU15G Start height 2.00m
F510:30Long JumpU15G
F610:30High JumpU17W Start height 1.40m
F711:30Long JumpU17M
F1011:50HammerU15G (Outside)
F1112:20Pole VaultU15B Start height 2.20m
F1212:30High JumpU17M Start height 1.60m
F1312:30Long JumpU17W
F1413:10HammerU15B (Outside)
F1613:30Long JumpU15B
F1714:20Pole VaultU17M Start height 2.70m
F1814:30HammerU17W (Outside)
F2014:30Triple JumpU17W (9m and 11m boards)
F2114:30High JumpU15G Start height 1.30m
F2315:30Triple JumpU15B (9m and 11m boards)
F2415:50DiscusU15G (Outside)
F2716:30High JumpU15B Start height 1.40m
F2816:30Triple JumpU17M (9m and 11m boards)
F2916:45Pole VaultU17W Start height 2.20m
F3017:10DiscusU17M (Outside)
F3217:30Triple JumpU15G (7m and 9m boards)

High Jump progression: 5cm until 3 athletes left, then 3cm
Pole Vault progression: 20cm then 10cm
Throws and Horizontal Jumps: Three attempts with top 8 having 3 more

Download timetable (pdf)

Team news

The following teams have been selected by the Team Managers:

Myles Richardson (Under 17 Men)  
Amanda Purser (Under 17 Women)  
Martin McBriar (Under 15 Boys and Girls)  

Under 17 Men and Women

EventUnder 17 MenUnder 17 Women
100mSamuel Wright (Aldershot, Farnham & District)Fola Odofin (City of Portsmouth)
200mIdanayi Munowenyu (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)Emily Lucas (Aldershot, Farnham & District)
400mBenoit Courdavault (City of Portsmouth)Elsie Brindle (Winchester & District)
800mOrrin Wheeler (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)Hattie Bond (Havant)
1500mOnjoro Sumba (Havant)Imogen Edwards (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)
80m Hurdlesn/aRebekah Smith (Winchester & District)
100m Hurdles-n/a
300m Hurdlesn/aLucy Smith (Winchester & District)
400m HurdlesArchie Ellis (Aldershot, Farnham & District)n/a
High JumpJamie Goldsmith (Fleet & Crookham)Mia Judd (Winchester & District)
Pole Vault--
Long JumpLogan Cookson (City of Portsmouth)Mia Judd (Winchester & District)
Triple JumpLogan Cookson (City of Portsmouth)Ella Hutton (City of Portsmouth)
ShotJan Addington (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)Abi Belward (Winchester & District)
DiscusThomas Bennett (Jersey Spartan)Erin McBriar (Winchester & District)
HammerJack Burgess (City of Portsmouth)Eloise MacDonald (Andover)
JavelinJack Holt (City of Portsmouth)Abi Belward (Winchester & District)

Under 15 Boys and Girls

EventUnder 15 BoysUnder 15 Girls
100mCharlie Le Mains (Jersey Spartan)Lily Flute (Winchester & District)
200mCharlie Le Mains (Jersey Spartan)Chloe Poore (Winchester & District)
300mZac Reynolds (Winchester & District)Chloe Johnson (New Forest Junior)
800mCharlie Chambers (Southampton)Daisy Allford (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)
1500mWilliam Avery (Havant)Isla Hall (Jersey Spartan)
75m Hurdlesn/aGracie Osman (Winchester & District)
80m HurdlesHarvey Beckles (City of Portsmouth)n/a
High JumpNoah Wincott (Andover)Denaya Guma (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)
Pole VaultStanley Shacklock (Southampton)Lexie Trott (Southampton)
Long JumpEthan Easton (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)Gracie Osman (Winchester & District)
Triple JumpTom Gaisford (City of Portsmouth)Laila Holt (SETAFA)
ShotOlivier Coulibaly (Southampton)Charlotte Pabari (City of Portsmouth)
DiscusOlivier Coulibaly (Southampton)Abigail McBriar (Winchester & District)
HammerAaron Axtell (Southampton)Bethany Mballa (Winchester & District)
JavelinNed Scott (Winchester & District)Abigail McBriar (Winchester & District)

Previous years' results

Under 17 Men and Women

Venue and Date Under 17 Men Under 17 Women
Horspath, Oxford, 10 September 2022 4th 2nd

Under 15 Boys and Girls

Venue and Date Under 15 Boys Under 15 Girls
Horspath, Oxford, 10 September 2022 4th 5th