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Postcode: OX4 2RR

SEAA Under 20 and Under 15 Inter-Counties Championships
Saturday 7 September 2019
Horspath Sports Ground, Oxford

This competition is between all the 19 constituent counties in the South of England Athletic Association region: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.


Full results, with thanks to South of England AA:

Under 20 Men Under 20 Women
Under 15 Boys Under 15 Girls

Results on the Power of 10 website

Results on the SEAA website

(As at 12 September, these results have yet to be confirmed/finalised by SEAA)


Horspath Sports Ground is to the east of Oxford just off the Eastern Bypass (A4142). Its postcode is OX4 2RR.

Map of Horspath Sports Ground


From the South and South West take the A4142 towards Cowley and Headington. Beyond Cowley, turn right at the junction marked for Horspath. BMW Car Park is on the right after 600 yards. Do not park on the road.

Download directions map


Use BMW plant car park. Enter via gate 7 on Horspath Road and please park in marked bays.Parking map for SEAA Inter-Counties, Oxford

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The timetable for 2019 has now been released:
Download Track timetable (PDF)
Download Field timetable (PDF)

Track timetable

T110:00400m HurdlesHeatsU20 Men 
T210:15400m HurdlesHeatsU20 Women 
T310:30100mHeatsU15 Boys 
T410:40100mHeatsU15 Girls 
T510:50100mHeatsU20 Men 
T611:00100mHeatsU20 Women 
T711:10800mHeatsU15 Girls 
T811:20800mHeatsU15 Boys 
T911:30800m Heats U20 Women 
T1011:40800mHeatsU20 Men 
T1111:55400m HurdlesFINALU20 Women 
T12 12:05400m HurdlesFINAL U20 Men 
T1312:15100mFINALU15 Boys 
T1412:20100mFINALU15 Girls 
T1512:25100mFINALU20 Men 
T1612:30100mFINALU20 Women 
T1712:40300mHeatsU15 Boys 
T1812:50300mHeatsU15 Girls 
T1913:00400mHeatsU20 Women 
T2013:10400mHeatsU20 Men 
T2113:2575m HurdlesHeatsU15 Girls 
T2213:4080m HurdlesHeatsU15 Boys 
T2313:55100m HurdlesHeats U20 Women 
T2414:10110m HurdlesHeatsU20 Men 
T2514:25800mFINALU15 Girls 
T2614:30800mFINALU15 Boys 
T2714:35800mFINALU20 Women 
T2814:40800mFINALU20 Men 
T2914:55200mHeatsU20 Men 
T3015:05200mHeatsU20 Women 
T3115:15200mHeatsU15 Boys 
T3215:25200mHeats U15 Girls 
T3315:40110m HurdlesFINALU20 Men 
T3415:50100m HurdlesFINALU20 Women 
T3516:0080m HurdlesFINALU15 Boys 
T3616:1075m HurdlesFINAL U15 Girls 
T3716:20300mFINALU15 Boys 
T3816:25300mFINALU15 Girls 
T3916:301500m FINALU15 Boys 
T4016:401500mFINALU15 Girls 
T4116:501500mFINALU20 Women 
T4217:001500mFINALU20 Men 
T4317:15400m FINALU20 Women 
T4417:20400mFINALU20 Men 
T4517:30200mFINALU20 Men 
T4617:35200mFINALU20 Women 
T4717:40200mFINALU15 Boys 
T4817:45200mFINALU15 Girls 

Field timetable

F110:30Discus U20 Women 
F210:30Hammer U20 Men(Outside)
F310:30Pole Vault U15 GirlsStart height 2.00m
F410:30Long Jump U15 Girls 
F510:30High Jump U15 GirlsStart height 1.30m
F611:30Discus U15 Boys 
F711:30Hammer U15 Girls(Outside)
F811:30Long Jump U20 Men 
F912:20Pole Vault U15 BoysStart height 2.20m
F1012:30Discus U20 Men 
F1112:30Hammer U20 Women(Outside)
F1212:30High Jump U20 MenStart height 1.55m
F1312:30Long Jump U20 Women 
F1413:30Discus U15 Girls 
F1513:30Hammer U15 Boys(Outside)
F1613:30Long Jump U15 Boys 
F1714:00Shot U20 Men 
F1814:20Pole Vault U20 MenStart height 3.00m
F1914:30Triple Jump U20 Women(9 and 11m boards)
F2014:30Javelin U15 Girls 
F2114:30High Jump U20 WomenStart height 1.40m
F2215:00Shot U15 Boys 
F2315:30Javelin U15 Boys 
F2415:30Triple Jump U15 Boys(9 and 11m boards)
F2516:00Shot U20 Women 
F2616:30High Jump U15 BoysStart height 1.40m
F2716:30Triple Jump U20 Men(11 and 13m boards)
F2816:30Javelin U20 Men 
F2916:45Pole Vault U20 WomenStart height 2.40m
F3017:00Shot U15 Girls 
F3117:30Javelin U20 Women 
F3217:30Triple Jump U15 Girls(7m and 9m boards)
  • High Jump progression: 5cm until 3 athletes left then 3cm
  • Pole Vault progression: 20cm then 10cm
  • Throws and Horizontal Jumps: Four (4) attempts

Team news

Paul Farres has released the following news on the Under 15 teams:

Under 15 Boys and Girls

EventUnder 15 BoysUnder 15 Girls
100mSean Over (Aldershot, Farnham & District)Iona Irvine (Basingstoke & Mid Hants)
200mJoseph Munns (City of Portsmouth)Lily T-Smith (New Forest Junior)
300mJago Evison (Andover)Sadie Blake (City of Portsmouth)
800mHarry Ware (Bracknell)Sienna Richardson
(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)
1500mCameron Walker-Powell
(City of Portsmouth)
Robyn Fossa (Southampton)
75m Hurdles-Grace Colmer (Southampton)
80m HurdlesDaniel Kimber (Winchester & District)-
High JumpRuben Burrows (Winchester & District)Erin Pinchbeck (Andover)
Pole Vault-Katie Glasspoole (Southampton)
Long JumpSean Over (Aldershot, Farnham & District)Ami Wall (Southampton)
Triple JumpSamuel Mballa (Winchester & District)Amelia Gray (Andover)
ShotTravis Scottow (Southampton)Gabriella Jones (City of Portsmouth)
DiscusTravis Scottow (Southampton)Olivia Austin (Southampton)
HammerFinlay Wrey Brown
(Winchester & District)
Gracie Jenvey (Southampton)
JavelinLiam Cawley (Team Kennet)Megan Hulbert (Southampton)

If you have been selected for any team, please confirm whether you will be taking part or if you are unavailable. This applies particularly to Under 20 athletes who seem particularly reluctant to do so:

Previous years' results

Under 20 Men and Women

Venue and Date Under 20 Men Under 20 Women
Barnet Copthall, 26 August 2007 5th 8th
Barnet Copthall, 24 August 2008 4th 14th
Watford, 30 August 2009 6th 13th
Barnet Copthall, 28 August 2010 5th 12th
Abingdon, 27 August 2011 3rd 3rd
Abingdon, 26 May 2012 2nd 6th
Allianz Park, Barnet, 11 August 2013 5th 7th
Allianz Park, Barnet, 3 August 2014 7th 7th
Allianz Park, Barnet, 23 August 2015 3rd 13th
Horspath, Oxford, 21 August 2016 3rd 8th=
Horspath, Oxford, 9 September 2017 5th= 10th=
Horspath, Oxford, 1 September 2018 9th 3rd

Under 15 Boys and Girls

Venue and Date Under 15 Boys Under 15 Girls
Barnet Copthall, 26 August 2007 6th 3rd
Barnet Copthall, 24 August 2008 6th 3rd
Watford, 30 August 2009 5th 8th
Barnet Copthall, 28 August 2010 6th 12th
Abingdon, 27 August 2011 1st 3rd
Abingdon, 26 May 2012 1st 1st
Allianz Park, Barnet, 11 August 2013 3rd 4th
Allianz Park, Barnet, 3 August 2014 5th 10th
Allianz Park, Barnet, 23 August 2015 6th 6th
Horspath, Oxford, 21 August 2016 2nd= 4th
Horspath, Oxford, 9 September 2017 2nd 6th
Horspath, Oxford, 1 September 2018 3rd 2nd