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Hampshire Athletics
Saturday 6 January 2024

Entries are now closed for the 2024 Hampshire Athletics Cross-Country Championships which will take place at Fairthorne Manor, Curdridge on Saturday 6 January.

This year race day information and results will be hosted here

Course location

Fairthorne Manor is located about a mile to the east of Botley village centre on the A3051. Its postcode is SO30 2GH.

Map of Fairthorne Manor

Course details

Course map

The course is based on two main laps:

  • The Arena Lap, a loop of approximately 1200m on sloping grassland, which can be seen from the main spectator area. It incorporates both the start and the finish.
  • The Full Lap, approximately 2300m long, which leaves the Arena Lap through the woods, takes a circuit of the Campsite field, before re-entering the Arena Lap via the woods.

Course map

Please note

No animals or pets of any kind, except guide and hearing dogs, are allowed anywhere in the grounds.

Smoking: YMCA Fairthorne Manor and grounds are a smoke free environment.

Parking: Parking for as many cars as possible will be provided in the grounds. We plan to arrange alternative parking within 15 minutes' walk of the course. Details will be available nearer the event.

Entry form

Enter online

Alternatively, download the entry form as a Word document or PDF.

Please make sure that you fill in all your details, especially your club if you are making an individual entry.

Timetable and approximate race distances

The timetable has been changed slightly from previous years, though Championship races will still be in ascending age order from Under 11 right up to Seniors and Veterans. The Under 17 Men's and Women's races will start together, and the Under 20 Men and Women will each run at the same time as the Seniors and Veterans.

10:15 Under 11 Boys 4 to score 2,000 metres
10:30 Under 11 Girls 4 to score 2,000 metres
10:45 Under 13 Boys 4 to score 3,300 metres
11:00 Under 13 Girls 4 to score 3,300 metres
11:15 Under 15 Boys 4 to score 3,900 metres
11:35 Under 15 Girls 4 to score 3,900 metres
12:00 Under 17 Men 3 to score 6,200 metres
12:00 Under 17 Women 3 to score 6,200 metres
12:30 Under 20 Women 3 to score 8,200 metres
12:30 Senior and Veteran Women Senior: 4 to score
Veteran: 4 to score
8,200 metres
13:30 Under 20 Men 3 to score 10,000 metres
13:30 Senior and Veteran Men Senior: 6 to score
Veteran: 4 to score
10,000 metres

Medal presentations will be made as soon as possible after each event.

Race day notes

Runners and spectators: Please bring suitable footwear, both for racing and spectating.

Changing: some changing and showering facilities will be available.

Refreshments will be on sale, provided by YMCA Fairthorne Manor.

Medical cover will be provided.

Race number collection

Race numbers will be available for collection from the main admin marquee near the Start/Finish from 09:00.

Team Managers: please ensure that you give athletes the correct numbers to avoid problems compiling the results later. Complete club start lists will be given to you with the numbers.

Notes on entries

  1. All competitors must have Hampshire qualification: a. birth or b. nine months continuous residence or service in H.M. Forces prior to the date of the Championships, in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight or Channel Islands, and MUST NOT have competed for another county or in another county's championships during the current Competition Year.
  2. This is a Hampshire Club competition, and so unaffiliated runners will not be accepted. All athletes, except for those competing in the Under 11 races, must be registered with England Athletics and be First Claim runners for their club.
  3. Age Qualification:
    Qualification Date for Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 age groups is 31st August 2023.
    Qualification Date for Under 20 age group is 31st December 2024*. (*This date is the same as for the UK Inter-Counties Championships and ensures that all athletes taking part in the Under 20 races are eligible for Hampshire team selection.)
    Male Female Must be born between
    U11B U11G 1 September 2012 - 6 January 2015
    Note: All Under 11 competitors must be 9 years or over on the day of competition.
    U13B U13G 1 September 2010 - 31 August 2012
    U15B U15G 1 September 2008 - 31 August 2010
    U17M U17W 1 September 2006 - 31 August 2008
    U20M U20W 1 January 2005 - 31 August 2006
    SM SW on or before 31 December 2004
    VM VW on or before 6 January 1984 (Men) or 6 January 1989 (Women)
    Athletes wishing to compete in an older age group, e.g. Under 17 athletes wishing to compete in the Under 20 event, must specify clearly which age group is being entered, or you will be placed in the correct age group category according to your birth date.
  4. Veteran competitors pay one entry fee and score in both Senior and Veteran age groups.
  5. Teams consist of FOUR to score in all age groups apart from Senior Men, where SIX will score, and Under 17 and Under 20, both Men and Women, where THREE will score.

UK Anti-Doping Policy

"An entrant shall be deemed to have made him/herself/their self, familiar with, and agreed to be bound by the UKA Anti-Doping Rules and to submit to the authority of UK Anti-Doping in the application and enforcement of the Anti-Doping Rules.

"The UKA Anti-Doping Rules apply to entrants participating in the sport of Athletics, for 12 months from the date of entry, whether or not the licence holder is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK."

The UKA Anti-Doping code can be found on the UKA website here and/or the EA website here.

Entry fee

The Championships have run at a loss for the last two years, and the cost of staging them is expected to increase again this year. Therefore we have decided to increase entry fees, but to minimise the effect for families, the entry fee will be lower for junior athletes than for seniors and veterans.

The entry fee for members of clubs affiliated to Hampshire Athletics is 10 per individual for athletes from Under 11 up to and including Under 20, and 12 for Seniors and Veterans.
Members of clubs not affiliated to Hampshire Athletics must pay an additional fee of 2, i.e. 12 or 14 in total.

Please return postal entries by Friday 22 December 2023.

The closing date for online entries is Friday 29 December 2023.

No entries are guaranteed after these dates.


Championship Secretary

Pam Rogers
99 Stride Avenue