South Eastern Schools' Inter-Counties match
Saturday 17 June 2023 at Down Grange, Basingstoke

Hampshire Schools' AA were pleased to host the South-Eastern Schools' Inter-Counties match at Down Grange, Basingstoke.

Full results:

Intermediate BoysIntermediate Girls
Junior BoysJunior Girls


Here is the location of Down Grange, Basingstoke. The postcode is RG22 5SN.

Map of Down Grange, Basingstoke


TimeT No#EventTimeF No#Event
12.00T1IB400m Hurdles (max 2 races)10.30F1 & F2IG/IBHammer
12.10T2IG300m Hurdles (max 2 races)10.30F3 & F4JG/IGPole Vault
12.20T3-6JG/JB/IG/IB800m (max 4 races)10.30F5JBHigh Jump
12.45T7-10JG/JB/IG/IB100m (max 8 races)10.30F6JGJavelin
13.25T12JG75m Hurdles (max 2 races)11.30F8IGTriple Jump
13.35T13IG80m Hurdles (max 2 races)11.30F9IBShot
13.50T14JB80m Hurdles (max 2 races)12.00F10 & F11JG/JBHammer
14.00T15IG3000m12.10F12IBHigh Jump
14.15T16IB1500m Steeplechase12.30F13IGJavelin
14.35T17IB100m Hurdles (max 2 Races)12.30F14JBTriple Jump
14.45T18-21JG/JB/IG/IB1500m (4 races)13.00F15IGLong Jump
15.15T22-25JG/JB/IG/IB200m (max 8 races)13.15F16JBDiscus
15.40T26-28JG/IG/JB300m (max 6 races)13.30F17 & F18JB/IBPole Vault
16.05T29IB400m (max 2 races)13.30F19JGShot
16.15T30IG1500m Steeplechase13.50F20JGHigh Jump
16.25T31-34JG/JB/IG/IB4x100m Relay14.00F21IBLong Jump
 15.15F26JGLong Jump
 15.30F27IGHigh Jump
 15.30F28IBTriple Jump
 16.15F30JBLong Jump

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Hampshire Teams

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