Foulées des Vignettes, Cross de Coutances
Normandy, France
Sunday 18 November 2012

This is the 30th anniversary of this event and Hampshire have been involved every one of those years - this is an outstanding achievement.

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Start of the 3.6km raceStart of the 3.6km race - leading the way for Hampshire Richard Fernando, Calum Upton, Oliver Butler, Luca Chissone and Jonty Davison



The first event was won in style by Hampshire. This was a 3 per team event where every team member had to complete one whole lap of the course.

Alexander Ruggles, Jack Messenger and Calum Upton demolished the French opposition to take the 1st team trophy.

Benjamines Filles (Girls - 1999/2000, 2.0 km)

Although Hampshire didn't have enough runners for a team, this was a superb run by Lucy Wildash who finished to take the gold medal. Jodie Peter finished in 15th place.

1Lucy Wildash(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)6:54
15Jodie Peter(Aldershot, Farnham & District)11:35

Benjamins Garçons (Boys - 1999/2000, 2.0 km)

The first team trophy of the day went to Hampshire. Archie Ives had a fine run for 3rd position. Jack Higgins, on his Coutances debut, ran well finishing in 8th position. The team was completed by Jack Lewis and Ben Parkinson taking 12th and 13th places respectively.

3Archie Ives(Winchester & District)7:02
8Jack Higgins(Southampton)7:28
12Jacob Lewis(Isle of Wight)7:44
13Ben Parkinson(Winchester & District)7:45

Minimes Filles (Girls - 1997/98, 2.0 km)

Hampshire took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places, winning the team trophy. First place went to Gemma Wildash with an outstanding run to mark her first race in Coutances.

Second place went to the greatly improving Imogen Emmett. Klara Lyne again showed great form with a strong run for third place. The team was completed by Freya Davis to take the Team 1st Place Trophy.

Zoe Jennings and Ella Neil were 8th and 9th respectively.

1Gemma Wildash(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)7:23
2Imogen Emmett(Winchester & District)7:26
3Klara Lyne(Winchester & District)7:31
4Freya Davis(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)7:32
8Zoe Jennings(Winchester & District)8:13
9Ella Neil(Andover)8:24

Minimes Garçons (Boys - 1997/98, 3.6 km)

Jonty Davidson from Basingstoke in his Coutances debut won in fine style to take gold. Khi O'Neil from Isle of Wight finished 6th, Harry Tosen 15th and Matthew South completed the team in 16th place. The team finished in 2nd place. Sam Hutchinson finished 17th just outside of the scoring team.

1Jonty Davison(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)12:15
6Khi O'Neil(Isle of Wight)13:07
15Harry Tosen(Winchester & District)14:23
16Matthew South(Winchester & District)14:23
17Sam Hutchinson(Isle of Wight)14:41

Cadettes Filles (Girls - 1995/96, 3.6 km)

Charlotte Chalwin in her first Coutances race was superb, finishing in 1st place to take gold. Emma Jones ran well for 3rd position with Rosie Upton taking 6th position. Unfortunately Kaya Simpson developed cramp and had to withdraw from the race after a very promising start.

Charlotte Chalwin and Emma Jones on the podiumCharlotte Chalwin and Emma Jones on the podium

1Charlotte Chalwin(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)13:33
3Emma Jones(Andover)14:29
6Rosie Upton(Winchester & District)15:44

Cadets Garçons (Boys - 1995/96, 3.6 km)

Oliver Butler looked good and took second place with Richard Fernando close behind in 3rd position. Luca Chissone was not far behind in 4th position. Calum Upton completed the team to ensure the 1st Team Trophy.

Alistair Friar, although just outside of the scoring team, ran well for 11th place.

2Oliver Butler(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)11:36
3Richard Fernando(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)11:46
4Luca Chissone(Southampton)12:02
7Calum Upton(Winchester & District)12:37
11Alistair Friar(Basingstoke & Mid Hants)13:10

Short Course - Seniors Femmes (Women, 5.2 km)

Jennifer McLachlan had a fine run, finishing in 3rd place. Sue True put in a strong, reliable performance, finishing in 6th place.

Juniors Sarah Lawson and Holly Newton stepped up to run in the Senior Race finishing in 8th and 15th positions which earned the team 2nd place.

Holly also competed in the Junior Women's race which she won in fine style to take the gold medal.

3Jennifer McLachlan(Winchester & District)20:15
6Sue True(Winchester & District)21:41
8Sarah Lawson(Winchester & District)23:02
15Holly Newton(Isle of Wight)24:35

Juniors Femmes (Women - 1993/94, 3.6 km)

1Holly Newton(Isle of Wight)15:53

Short Course - Junior Hommes (Men - 1993/94, 5.2 km)

Chris Neil continued his improved form this season by winning the Junior Men's race with a great run to lead his team to victory with Stephen Simpson in 3rd position, supported by Alexander Ruggles 6th and Jack Messenger 9th.

Chris went on to build on his success in the Junior race by running the Senior 10K race an hour later and finishing in 8th place out of 100 runners with a superb gutsy performance.

1 (1st Junior)
Chris Neil(Andover)17:19
3 (3rd Junior)
Stephen Simpson(Southampton)17:42
6 (5th Junior)
Alexander Ruggles(Southampton)18:50
9 (6th Junior)
Jack Messenger(Winchester & District)19:20

Chris Neil in the 5.2km raceChris Neil on his way to victory in the Junior Men's race


Long Course - Seniors-Vétérants Hommes (Men, 10.0 km)

Chris Neil(Andover)34:23