Hampshire Schools' Athletic Association
Annual Track & Field Championships 2013
Saturday 8 June at Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth

With grateful thanks to Dan Czaicki for supplying the following results:

Individual Trophy Winners

Bill Bishop Trophy Best Sprint Performance  
Mary Watkin Trophy Best Endurance Performance  
Mary Batson Trophy Best Jumps Performance  
Simon Rodhouse Trophy Best Throws Performance  
Echo Trophy Best Walks Performance  

Boys' Trophy Winners

Bassett Cup Junior Boys' Team  Aldershot & District  
Tommy Green Cup Intermediate Boys' Team  Eastleigh & Winchester  
Aldershot Cup Senior Boys' Team    
Two-Handled Bowl Boys' Aggregate Team  Eastleigh & Winchester  
Aldershot Command Boys' Relay Aggregate  Eastleigh & Winchester  

Girls' Trophy Winners

Holmes Cup Junior Girls' Team  Aldershot & District  
Mrs Frank Perkins Cup Intermediate Girls' Team  Aldershot & District  
Littlecott Trophy Senior Girls' Team    
The Sloane Stanley Cup Girls' Aggregate Team  Aldershot & District  
The Southampton Challenge Girls' Relay Aggregate  Aldershot & District  


Senior Boys Intermediate Boys Junior Boys Relays
Senior Girls Intermediate Girls Junior Girls