Sportshall UK Finals - 5/6 April 2014

For the third year in a row, Hampshire's Under 13 Girls' team were crowned National Sportshall Champions at Sportcity, Manchester on Saturday. They had a comfortable win, fifty points ahead of Avon who were a further fourteen points ahead of Birmingham.

On Sunday, the Under 15 Boys team finished third, but were only three points behind second-placed Birmingham and four points behind winners Norfolk.

However, Hampshire still had a Champion, as in the individual all-round competition, Ellie Hodgson (Southampton) won the Under 15 Girls' title.

Results and teams

Under 13 Girls


1st Hampshire 1254
2nd Avon 1204
3rd Birmingham 1190
4th Surrey 1079
5th Greater Manchester 1075
6th Donegal 946
7th= Hertfordshire 833
7th= Powys 833
9th Tyne & Wear 814
10th West Yorkshire 801
11th Derbyshire 795
Hannah Childs (Southampton)
Abigail Voller (Southampton)
Lorna Dockerill (City of Portsmouth)
Jade Clements (Southampton)
Anya Pigden (City of Portsmouth)
Madeleine Wilton (City of Portsmouth)
Hollie Thurgood (City of Portsmouth)
Freya Coe (Southampton)
Jasmyn Allen (Southampton)
Natasha Palfrey (City of Portsmouth)
Heather Cubbage (City of Portsmouth)
Sarah Hunt (City of Portsmouth)
Under 13 Girls' results in full on the Sportshall website.

Under 15 Boys


1st Norfolk 1250
2nd Birmingham 1249
3rd Hampshire 1246
4th Nottinghamshire 1073
5th Tyne & Wear 1049
6th Avon 1044
7th County Londonderry 956
8th Lancashire 924
9th West Yorkshire 899
10th North West Wales 839
Owen Lawrence (Southampton)
Reiss Jarvis (Southampton)
Joshua Goble (Winchester & District)
Glen Foster (Winchester & District)
Ben Upfold (Southampton)
Aaron Howard (Havant)
Under 15 Boys' results in full on the Sportshall website.

Under 15 Girls

Ellie Hodgson (Southampton)
Under 15 Girls' results in full on the Sportshall website.