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SEAA Inter-Counties Championships
(Horspath, Oxford,13 December 2014)

Under 15 Girls' medallistsA great performance from the Hampshire team, with three individual gold medals. First was for Josie Czura (Under 15 Girls), pictured left, with Maddie Deadman, bronze, and Holly Page (Kent), silver. Then came wins for Mahamed Mahamed (Under 17 Men) and Zakariya Mahamed (Under 15 Boys). All three had emphatic victories by 28, 23 and 11 second-margins respectively.

Carmen Toribo-Sanchez gained a silver medal in the Under 20 Women's race, and a bronze medal was won by Maddie Deadman (Under 15 Girls).

The Under 17 Men's team achieved silver medals, having missed first place by two points, and bronze medals were won by the Under 17 Women, Under 15 Girls, Under 13 Girls and Under 15 Boys (who missed out on second place on countback).

Men's and Boys' results (Hampshire teams)
Women's and Girls' results (Hampshire teams)

Full results (all counties) or download as a PDF from the SportSoft Race Results website.
Full results (all counties - PDF) on the SEAA website
Full results on the Power of 10 website

Action photos from Alan Rowe - mainly Guernsey athletes but also featuring other runners in the Under 15 Boys' race

Under 13 Girls teamThe first to race were the Under 13 Girls and, after some recalculation, their third place was confirmed: Phoebe Moriarty-Palios, Poppy Wright, Isabel Richardson, Elizabeth Adamson, Cheyenne James, Elizabeth Mason and Amelia Lees (not in photo: Bo Sansom)

Under 13 BoysIn the next race, the Under 13 Boys finished sixth: Louis Le Cheminant, Toby Hale, Ben Pattison, Henry McLuckie, James Haggerty, Callum Crook, Joshua Goldfinch and Jack Kennedy

Under 15 GirlsThe Under 15 Girls won individual gold and bronze and the team bronze medals: Elizabeth Rose, Maisie Grice, Lizzie Squibbs, Rebbeca Poole, Natasha Miles, Laura Irvine, Elizabeth Hedley, Tilly Horton, Anya Pigden, Josie Czura, Poppy Clements, Maddie Deadman and Holly Powell

Under 15 BoysNext to go were the Under 15 Boys, who won individual gold and team bronze: Lachlan Wellington, Jacob O'Hara, Patrick Whelan, Keir Sullivan, Zakariya Mahamed, Joseph Yeaman, Robbie Coupland and Sean Pocknee

Under 17 MenMahamed Mahamed followed his brother Zak by winning the Under 17 Men's race and the team took third place: Sam Costley, Luke Powell, Jack Boswell, Mahamed Mahamed, James Beeks, Bonnor Sullivan and James Heneghan [photo: Dee Powell]

Under 17 WomenThe Under 17 Women also won team bronze medals: Lucy Rochford, Yasmin Lookess, Holly Collier, Allegra Whittome, Hannah Froud, Alana Spiers, Evie Grice, Rebekah Pantony, Kayleigh Johns, Anna Sharp, Lucy Wildash and Hannah Knapton

Under 20 WomenThe Under 20 Women's team finished sixth: Hannah Jennings, Rebecca Howard, Charlotte Chalwin, Gemma Bigg, Carmen Sanchez-Toribio (winner of the individual silver medal) and Frances Arnott

Senior WomenLast to race were the Senior Women, finishing in fifth place: Valeria Sesto, Jo Meek, Laura Brackley, Helen Wallington, Hannah Howard and Nicci Blandford