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UK Inter-County Cross-Country Championships
(Cofton Park, Birmingham, 7 March 2015)

Mo Mahamed and Josie Czura receive their medals at the UK Inter-Counties Championships

A very successful day, in glorious weather

Gold medals

  • Zakariya Mahamed - Under 15 Boys
    Zak Mahamed - Under 15 Boys UK ChampionZak approaching the finish, ahead of Daniel Slater (Merseyside) and James Puxty (Kent), to take the Under 15 Boys' title
  • Mahamed Mahamed - Under 17 Men
    Mo Mahamed - Under 17 Men's UK ChampionMo has the finishing straight to himself, as Ben Dijkstra (Leicestershire) can just be seen in the distance on the final bend

Silver medals

  • Louise Damen - Senior Women
  • Josie Czura - Under 15 Girls
  • Senior Women's team - Louise Damen, Louise Small, Sarah Mercier, Louise Perrio, Laura Brenton, Kathryn Bailey
  • Under 15 Girls' team - Josie Czura, Maddie Deadman, Tilly Horton, Elizabeth Rose
    Under 15 Girls' - UK Silver medallists
    The Under 15 Girls' team with their medals: Tilly Horton, Josie Czura, Maisie Grice, Elizabeth Squibbs, Elizabeth Hedley and Elizabeth Rose (missing from picture: Maddie Deadman and Florence Gothard) [Picture: David Vosser]

Bronze medals

  • Under 15 Boys' team - Zakariya Mahamed, Lachlan Wellington, Robbie Coupland, Jacob O'Hara
  • Under 20 Women's team - Carmen Sanchez Toribio, Freya Davis, Rebecca Howard, Carla Plowden-Roberts

In addition, top twenty placings were achieved by:

  • Amelia Wills - Under 13 Girls (5th)
  • Louise Small - Senior Women (6th)
  • Carmen Sanchez-Toribio - Under 20 Women (11th)
  • Jack Boswell - Under 17 Men (12th)
  • Daisy D'Santos - Under 17 Women (12th)
  • Lachlan Wellington - Under 15 Boys (13th)
  • Sarah Mercier - Senior Women (13th)
  • Maddie Deadman - Under 15 Girls (15th)
  • Alex Teuten - Senior Men (19th)
  • Freya Davis - Under 20 Women (20th)

Men's and Boys' results
Women's and Girls' results

Full results on the Power of 10 website
Full results on the UKCAU website

Under 13 Girls team
The Under 13 Girls came eleventh: Martha Pawson, Amelia Wills (who came 5th in the race), Bo Sansom, Poppy Wright, Zoe Thorne and Charlotte Parsons (missing from photo: Cheyenne James and Phoebe Moriarty-Palios) [Photo: Nicky Wright]

Under 17 Men's team
The Under 17 Men missed out on the bronze medals by two points: Sam Maher, Sam Costley, Mo Mahamed, James Heneghan and Bonnor Sullivan (missing from photo: Jack Boswell, Jake Cvetkovic and Dan Galpin)

Under 20 Men's team
The Under 20 Men's team were the first to race: George Mason, Calum Upton, Abdi Mahamed, Matthew Cook and Matthew Arnold (missing from photo: Stephen Simpson and Luca Chiossone)