Talented Athlete Coaching & Development

We have now finalised all the arrangements for this county development event, to which a number of athletes were invited in the Autumn.

Thank you to those of you who replied accepting the offer to be part of this talented development group. If any other athletes were invited but didn't respond and now wish to take up this opportunity, that would be excellent and you should also follow the booking arrangements as laid below.

If you weren't invited but are interested in attending the event, and we will let you know if places are available.

This Hampshire TACD event will be on Sunday 31 March at Winchester Athletics Stadium at Bar End. We have exclusive use of this venue, track, team and meeting rooms on that day. We have selected a venue in the middle of the county in order to be fair to pupils from all districts and schools. It will begin at 10.30 with arrival from 10.00am. Morning session will be until midday, a break for lunch, before afternoon sessions and team activity to finish at 3.00pm.

This event has been scheduled just ahead of county wide open meetings and the schools and clubs athletic seasons. Full details of all these events (for you) this spring and summer will be distributed to all during the development day. We do hope you will then have the best opportunities for competition and chances to make county representative teams, as one of the top in Hampshire in your event last year.

We are currently organising top national, regional and county coaches to take these event specific sessions on Sunday 31 March. Even if you are already in a club and receiving local coaching this will be an opportunity to enhance your talents in your strongest areas of athletics.

This Hampshire TACD event is highly-subsidised, in respect of providing the facilities, coaches and administration. However a nominal contribution of 15 is requested to help towards these costs. As you have been identified for this county opportunity by being in the top three in Hampshire Schools Championships, you should show this letter of selection to your school or Headteacher as many regularly assist Hampshire athletes with costs of representing the county at major championships. It will also show the level you have currently achieved in athletics to the Headteacher.

In order to book into this day you will need to register below:

RegisterRegister for the development day on 31 March

Closing date: Friday 15 March

If you tried to register between 26 and 28 February and were not able to compete the process, this may have been caused by a web systems upgrade. The problem has now been fixed so please try again. If you still have difficulties, let us know using the email link at the bottom of this page. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We hope you will be able to join us on the first Hampshire TACD day and we look forward to seeing you there and competing successful across Hampshire and levels beyond over the coming season.

Yours in athletics,
Kevin Way and Joanne Cridland
Hampshire Schools Team Manager and County Coaching Development