SEAA Inter-Counties Championships
Lloyd Park, Croydon, 11 December 2021

Bradley Andrews-Callec
Bradley Andrews-Callec wearing
his individual silver medal and
Under 15 Boys' team gold medal

All Hampshire teams finished in the top five places, winning two sets of gold medals, one set of silvers and two sets of  bronzes. In addition, four individual medals were won:

  • Senior Women's team: 5th (Gemma Barry 14th, Anna Sharp 15th, Sarah Winstone 20th and Katie Simister 37th)
  • Under 20 Women's team: 1st (Lily Neate 3rd, Abi Woolaston 6th, Isabelle Hinkley 12th and Sarah Barbary 26th)
  • Under 17 Women's team: 3rd (Katie Youp 8th, Annie Mann 11th, Rose Chesterfield 14th and Amelia  Moore 25th)
  • Under 17 Men's team: 2nd (Ben Brown 3rd, Harry Wilson 9th, Cameron Walker-Powell 20th and Ben Chesterfield 33rd)
  • Under 15 Girls' team: 4th (Florence East 3rd, Darcy Hawkins 16th, Chloe Jones 26th and Eve Bailey 24th)
  • Under 15 Boys' team: 1st (Bradley Andrews-Callec 2nd, Patrick Atkinson 8th, James Lewis 14th and Will Atkins 20th)
  • Under 13 Girls' team: 3rd (Kate Atkinson 4th, Isla Hall 5th, Elise Higgins 18th and Betsy North 29th)
  • Under 13 Boys' team: 4th (Oscar Reynolds 7th, Ethan Skipwith 12th, Casper Wilson 18th and Seb Murray 37th)

Men's and Boys' results (Hampshire teams)
Women's and Girls' results (Hampshire teams)

Full results (all counties - PDF) on the South of England AA website

Full results on the Power of 10 website

Team selection, directions, etc


You can watch videos of the races on Mark Hookway's or the Moja Sports YouTube channels. Mark is from Tonbridge AC so he can be forgiven for cheering on Kent during his informal commentary!

Mark Hookway's channel Moja Sports channel
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Under 13 Boys
Under 15 Girls
Under 15 Boys
Under 17 Men
Under 17 Women
Under 20 and Senior Women
Under 13 Boys
Under 15 Girls
Under 15 Boys
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Under 20 and Senior Women

Report and team photos

If you have a photo of the Under 13 Boys' team, or a better photo than any of the ones below, please it to me. Thanks.

Under 13 Girls' teamUnder 13 Girls Team: Betsy North, Georgia Barrett, Charlotte Mitchell, Elsa Norris, Darcey Tower, Sophie Lane, Elise Higgins, Alexandra Dickinson, Isla Hall, Evie Bramall, Daisy Allford, Katie Bunn and Kate Atkinson (missing from photo: Lily-Mae Lancaster-Evans)

Under 13 Boys' teamUnder 13 Boys

Under 15 Girls' teamUnder 15 Girls Team: Chloe Jones, Lauren South, Florence East, Darcy Hawkins, Eve Bailey and Emerson Churcher

Under 15 Boys' teamUnder 15 Boys Team: James Lewis, Patrick Atkinson, Jon Pepin, Will Atkins and Ruben Price (missing from photo, but pictured at top of page: Bradley Andrews-Callec)

Under 17 Men's teamUnder 17 Men Team: Harry Roebuck, Jack Hedderly, Guy Stevens, Benedict Simpson-Alexander, William Campbell, Samuel Kemp, Harry Wilson, Ben Brown, Daniel Shattock, Cameron Walker-Powell, Josh Tomkins, Casper Whitewood (missing from photo: Bertie Bruce-Gonzalez, Ben Chesterfield and Harry Harvey)

Under 17 Women's teamUnder 17 Women Team: Daisy Wilkinson, Katie Youp, Annie Mann, Rose Chesterfield, Amelia Moore, Maisey Kent and Alysha Mead

Senior and Under 20 Women's teamsSenior and Under 20 Women Team: Alice Burch, Isabelle Brydon, Emma Boswell, Katie Green, Natalya Smith, Sarah Barbary, Sarah Winstone, Gemma Barry, Anna Sharp, Isabelle Hinkley, Lily Neate and Nichola Roebuck (missing from photo: Abi Woolaston and Katie Simister)