Brighton 10K Road Race
featuring an Inter-Counties match
Brighton & Hove - 19 November 2023

Hampshire women's team at the Brighton 10KHampshire's Women's team with the Women's team trophy: Cassie Thorp, Sarah Winstone and Helen Hall

For the second successive year, Hampshire competed in an Inter-Counties match against several south-eastern counties at the Brighton 10K. It was a very successful morning, despite incredibly windy conditions along the seafront.

Helen Hall (Winchester Running Club) successfully defended her title, winning by nearly two minutes. Hampshire also took 2nd and 3rd place with Sarah Winstone (Southampton) and Cassie Thorp (City of Portsmouth), and so they won the team prize by over 8 minutes. Completing the women's team for her first Hampshire vest was Alex Lane (Winchester & District).

The men's team were lead home by Alex Teuten (Southampton) in 2nd place with a very creditable performance having won the Abingdon Marathon only a month ago. The men's team, consisting of Paul Navesy (City of Portsmouth), Will Boutwood (Winchester & District and last year's race winner Will Bryan (Southampton), retained last year's second position.

In the Mixed Team competition, Hampshire improved on last year's second place by claiming the trophy.

Kathy Bailey
Women's Team Manager

Hampshire Men's teamThe Hampshire men's team: Paul Navesy, Alex Teuten and Will Boutwood


Hampshire Women's teamThe Hampshire women's team: Helen Hall, Cassie Thorp, Sarah Winstone and Alex Lane

Men's Team Results

Team Position County Team Time Position Name Chip
1Sussex 'A'1:34:393Ross Skelton31:06 
   7Jack Woods31:23 
   12Nick Dawson32:11 
2Hampshire1:34:522Alex Teuten31:02 
   8Paul Navesy31:54 
   9Will Boutwood31:56 
   (13Will Bryan32:12) 
3Kent1:36:066Tewelde Menges31:14 
   15Liam White32:19 
   20Barry Stephenson32:34 
   (22Daniel Bradley32:39) 
4Essex1:37:0210Scott Cousins32:01 
   17Stephen Strange32:29 
   19Shane Boxall32:33 
   21Adrian Mussett32:38 
5Hertfordshire1:38:231James McMurray30:59 
   35Jude Bell33:36 
   37Olliver Hill33:50 
   (62Sean Collum35:02) 
6Sussex 'B'1:38:3818Kieran Barnes32:29 
   27Ben Savill33:03 
   28Matt Grindod33:07 
   (30Josh Burton33:12) 

Women's Team Results

Team Position County Team Time Position Name Time  
1Hampshire1:44:541Helen Hall33:38 
   2Sarah Winstone35:33 
   3Cassie Thorp35:44 
   (5Alex Lane36:57) 
2Hertfordshire1:53:524Katie Harbon36:42 
   17Heather Hann38:16 
   24Lucy Waterlow38:55 
   (30Hannah Turner39:34) 
3Kent1:53:538Helen Gaunt37:30 
   11Imogen Amos37:53 
   19Harriett Woolley38:31 
   (25Hannah Roberts39:11) 
4Sussex 'A'1:53:586Sophie Colesman37:08 
   14Emma Footman38:11 
   22Rachel Hillman38:40 
5Essex1:54:4210Zoe Oldfield37:51 
   12Stephanie Migliorin37:57 
   23Hayley Lamkin38:55 
   (39Victoria Suett41:22) 
6Sussex 'B'1:59:4120Lucie Bourne38:37 
   27Chelsey Powderhill39:28 
   42Eilish Dawson41:37 

Mixed Team Results

Team Position County Team Time Position Name Time  
1Hampshire3:19:452Alex Teuten31:02 
   8Paul Navesy31:54 
   9Will Boutwood31:56 
   36Helen Hall33:38 
   77Sarah Winstone35:33 
   82Cassie Thorp35:44 
2Sussex 'A'3:28:373Ross Skelton31:06 
   7Jack Woods31:23 
   12Nick Dawson32:11 
   126Sophie Colesman37:08 
   170Emma Footman38:11 
   197Rachel Hillman38:40 
3Kent3:29:586Tewelde Menges31:14 
   15Liam White32:19 
   20Barry Stephenson32:34 
   137Helen Gaunt37:30 
   154Imogen Amos37:53 
   186Harriett Woolley38:31 
4Essex3:31:4310Scott Cousins32:01 
   17Stephen Strange32:29 
   19Shane Boxall32:33 
   153Zoe Oldfield37:51 
   156Stephanie Migliorin37:57 
   208Hayley Lamkin38:55 
5Hertfordshire3:32:151James McMurray30:59 
   35Jude Bell33:36 
   38Olliver Hill33:50 
   114Katie Harbon36:42 
   175Heather Hann38:16 
   209Lucy Waterlow38:55 
6Sussex 'B'3:38:1818Kieran Barnes32:29 
   27Ben Savill33:03 
   28Matt Grindrod33:07 
   193Lucie Bourne38:37 
   240Chelsey Powderhill39:28 
   332Eilish Dawson41:37 

Full results on the MYLAPS Sporthive Event Results website