AVIVA Sportshall South East Fun-in-Athletics 2010

Aviva Sportshall Fun-in-Athletics competitors

The Hampshire Under 11 Boys and Girls teams had a very enjoyable day of competition at the Aviva Fun in Athletics South East Regional Festival at the Olympos, Burgess Hill on Sunday 28 March. This is a day of sportshall competitions for county teams. This year there were 9 counties competing including Oxfordshire, Kent, Berkshire, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Jersey, Surrey, Guernsey and Hampshire.

The Hampshire teams had fantastic results with the U11 Girls' team winning and the U11 Boys' team runners up.

Special mention must go to the following athletes who won their events: Ellie Hodgson (Balance Beam), Katya Oldfield (Standing Triple Jump), Kira Walker (Javelin), Millie Cavanagh (Standing Long Jump), Harry Talks (Javelin and Vertical Jump), Owen Lawrence (Standing Triple Jump); Allana Goddard, Grace Jacobs, Katya Oldfield, Millie Cavanagh for the 4x1 Lap Relay; Isobel Gray, Katya Oldfield, Madison Cooper, Polly McClaren for the Over/Under Relay, and Owen Lawrence and Jacob Chiverton for the 6 Lap Parlauf.

The parents and supporters who went to the event would like to thank Brian Fisher (team manager) for all his hard work in organising the teams.

Under 11 Boys' results and Under 11 Girls' results on the Sportshall website.

Full list of competitors:

  • Allana Goddard (Aldershot Farnham & District)
  • Ellie Hodgson (Team Southampton)
  • Grace Jacobs (Aldershot Farnham & District)
  • Hannah Jacobs (Aldershot Farnham & District)
  • Holly Mills (Andover)
  • Isobel Gray (Winchester & District)
  • Katya Oldfield (City of Portsmouth)
  • Kira Walker (City of Portsmouth)
  • Madison Cooper (Team Southampton)
  • Millie Cavanagh (City of Portsmouth)
  • Mollie Renshaw (Team Southampton)
  • Phoebe Wiggins (Team Southampton)
  • Polly McClaren (City of Portsmouth)
  • Serena Laughton (City of Portsmouth)
  • Adam Jones (Team Southampton)
  • Dylan Read (Winchester & District)
  • Hayden Seaman (Team Southampton)
  • Aaron Dunham (Andover)
  • Edward Clements (Winchester & District)
  • Rory Williams (Aldershot Farnham & District)
  • Tom Lane (Winchester & District)
  • Ben Parkinson (Winchester & District)
  • Jake Norris (Team Southampton)
  • Sean Barrie (City of Portsmouth)
  • Joshua Goble (City of Portsmouth)
  • Owen Lawrence (Team Southampton)
  • Jacob Chiverton (Aldershot Farnham & District)
  • Harry Talks (Winchester & District)