Hampshire's Olympians
and 2012 Paralympians

1896 Athens, GRE (1st Olympiad)

No Hampshire athletes at this Olympiad

1900 Paris, FRA (2nd)

Charles BennettFinchley Harriers1500mGOLD4:06.2Britain's First Olympic Athletics Champion, WORLD RECORD
  5000m1st13:29.2WORLD RECORD
  5000m TmGOLD26 points 
  4000mSCSILVER12:58.6Hampshire Record

1904 St. Louis, USA (3rd)

No Hampshire athletes at this Olympiad

1906 Athens, GRE (I)

No Hampshire athletes known to be at this Olympiad (full results not yet located)

1908 London, GBR (4th)

George Nichol $Polytechnic Harriers400m3s2Not recordedUnconfirmed Hampshire status at the time.

1912 Stockholm, SWE (5th)

George Nichol $Polytechnic Harriers400m3s_Not recordedUnconfirmed Hampshire status at the time.
  4x400m (2nd leg)BRONZE3:23.2Unconfirmed Hampshire status at the time.

1916 Berlin, GER (6th)

Olympiad cancelled due to the Great War

1920 Antwerp, BEL (7th)

Percy HodgeSurrey AC3000m TmSILVER5th/7th or 8thGUE
  3000mSCGOLD10:00.4GUE - Olympic Record & UK Record

1924 Paris, FRA (8th)

William NicholHighgate Harriers100m1h1011.0 
  4x100m (2nd leg)1h1142.0 WORLD RECORD
  (4th leg)SILVER41.2 

1928 Amsterdam, NET (9th)

John HanlonBirchfield Harriers400m3h15Not recorded 
Douglas NeameRoyal Navy110mH4h4Not recorded 
Charles ChauncyPolytechnic Harriers400mH3h3Not recorded 
   6s1Not recorded 
Harry Simmons (U20)London ACHigh Jump1=Q1.83 
Laurence Bond $AchillesPole Vault5=QA(10th=)3.50 
Howard FordAchillesDecathlonxDNF (12.8; ?.??m; ?.??m; ?.??m; 59.8/20.6; ??.??m; ?.??m, then eliminated)

1932 Los Angeles, USA (10th)

Tommy Green (M35)Belgrave Harriers50kmWGOLD4:50:10Olympic Record (won by 7m10s)

1936 Berlin, GER (11th)

No Hampshire athletes at this Olympiad

1940 Tokyo, JPN (12th)

Olympiad moved due to the Second Sino-Japanese War

then Helsinki, FIN

Olympiad cancelled due to the Second World War

1944 London, GBR (13th)

Olympiad cancelled due to the Second World War

1948 London, GBR (14th)

No Hampshire athletes

1952 Helsinki, FIN (15th)

John Savidge $London ACShot12th Q14.89 (14.89,pass,pass)
   6th16.19 (16.17,16.18,NP,16.19,16.03,NP)

1956 Melbourne, AUS (16th)

Mike WheelerBournemouth400m2h449.3 (49.37@)
   5q447.9 (48.05@)
  4x400m1h33:08.8 (3:08.76@)
  (4th leg)BRONZE3:07.2 (3:07.19@)

1960 Rome, ITA (17th)

Martin HymanPortsmouth10000m9th29:04.8 (29:05.11@)
Max BoyesRoyal Navy400mH4th hts52.1 (52.32@)

1964 Tokyo, JPN (18th)

Tim GrahamPolytechnic Harriers400m4h248.4 
   6th46.0 (46.08@)
   SILVER3:01.6 (45.9 split)

1968 Mexico City, MEX (19th, at altitude)

Colin CampbellPolytechnic Harriers400m2h846.6JER (46.66@)
  4x400m (2nd leg?)2h23:03.6(3:03.67@)
  (2nd leg)5th3:01.2(3:01.21@ 44.9 split)
Tim JohnstonPortsmouthMarathon8th2:28:04.4 
Alan PascoePolytechnic Harriers110mH4h513.9(14.01@)
Della JamesLondon Olympiads100m4h411.7(11.78@)
   7th sf11.6(11.68@)

1972 Munich, FRG (20th)

Colin CampbellPolytechnic Harriers800m6h21:54.8+JER
Alan PascoePolytechnic Harriers110mH3h414.08 
  4x400m (2nd leg?)
  (2nd leg)SILVER3:00.46 (44.9 split)
Peter GabbettRoyal NavyDecathlonxdnf + (10.65(+0.4); 7.19(+0.1); 13.59; 1.76; 46.10/ 15.47(-0.2); 45.58; 3.60; NDR; DNS)
David DearSouthampton & Eastleigh4x100m (3rd leg?)3h439.63 
  (3rd leg)6s239.47 
Donna MurraySouthampton & Eastleigh200m4h123.76 
Della PascoeLondon Olympiads200m3h323.97 
  4x100m (2nd leg?)4h243.76 
  (2nd leg)7th43.71UK Record

1976 Montreal, CAN (21st)

Alan PascoePolytechnic Harriers400mH2h451.66 

1980 Moscow, USR (22nd)

Roger HackneyAldershot, Farnham & D.3000mSCsf8:29.2 
Kathy SmallwoodReading100m6th11.28 
  4x100m (2nd leg)BRONZE42.43UK Record
Chris BoxerAldershot, Farnham & D.800msf2:00.9 

1984 Los Angeles, USA (23rd)

Kriss AkabusiSouthampton & Eastleigh400m7th sf45.56 
  4x400m (1st leg)SILVER2:59.13 
Todd BennettSouthampton & Eastleigh400m7th qf46.63 
  4x400m (2nd leg)SILVER2:59.13 
Roger HackneyAldershot, Farnham & D.3000mSC10th8:27.10 
Christine BenningSouthampton & Eastleigh1500m5th4:04.70 
Chris BoxerAldershot, Farnham & D.1500m6th4:05.53 

1988 Seoul, SKR (24th)

Todd BennettTeam Solent400m6q245.96 
  4x400m (3rd leg)5th3:02.00 
Kriss AkabusiTeam Solent400mH6th48.69 
  4x400m (2nd leg)5th3:02.00 
Roger HackneyAldershot, Farnham & D.3000mSCxs1DNF 
Linda KeoughBasingstoke400m5q351.91 
  4x400m (1st leg)6th3:26.89 
Chris Cahill *Gateshead Harriers1500m4th4:00.64 
Simone LaidlowHounslow400mH7h559.28 

1992 Barcelona, ESP (25th)

Roger BlackTeam Solent400m5s244.72 
  4x400m (1st leg)BRONZE2:59.73 
Kriss AkabusiTeam Solent400mHBRONZE47.82 
  4x400m (3rd leg)BRONZE2:59.73 
Tom BucknerHavant3000mSC8s18:32.89 
Mike Edwards, Jr.Belgrave HarriersPole Vaultq5.20 
Alison WyethParkside Harrow3000m9th9:00.23 

1996 Atlanta, USA (26th)

Roger BlackTeam Solent400mSILVER44.41 
  4x400m (4th leg)SILVER2:56.60 
Iwan ThomasNewham & Essex B.400m5th44.70 
  4x400m (1st leg)SILVER2:56.60 
Alison WyethParkside Harrow5000m15h116:24.74 

2000 Sydney, AUS (27th)

Iwan ThomasNewham & Essex B.4x400m (3rd leg)5th3:01.22Original finished 6th but the winning USA team were disqualified years later due to doping admissions.

2004 Athens, GRE (28th)

Michael EastNewham & Essex Beagles1500m6th3:36.33 
Kelly SothertonBirchfield HarriersHeptathlonBRONZE6424 points 

2008 Beijing, CHN (29th)

Rob TobinBasingstoke & Mid Hants4x400m (2nd leg)4th2:57.8144.78s - Same time as Bronze-medal winning Russian team.
Dale GarlandGuernsey Island4x400m (Squad only)xDid not runGUE
Steph TwellAldershot, Farnham & D.1500m6h14:06.68 
Kelly SothertonBirchfield HarriersHeptathlon4th6517 points 

2012 London, GBR (30th)

Rob TobinBasingstoke & Mid Hants4x400m (Squad only)xDid not run 
Chris ThompsonAldershot, Farnham & D.10000m25th29:06.14 
Lee MerrienGuernsey IslandMarathon30th2:17:00 

2012 Paralympics London, GBR

Olivia Breen (T38)City of Portsmouth100m3h214.21(+0.8) 
  4x100m (1st leg)BRONZE56.08 

Hampshire-linked Paralympians

Bethany Woodward (T37)Southampton200m2h229.50(+0.3)Dorset
  4x100m (2nd leg)BRONZE56.08 


+ injured during the competition
@ auto-timing, where two timing systems recorded

Missing Results:

1906 All results after medalists.
1952 All Women's results and the Men's 50km walk HJ, LH, DT, HT, JT & Decathlon.
1956 Men's 400mH & Decathlon and Women's 100m & 200m
1976 All Women's results and the Men's relays, 50km walk, HJ, PV, HT & Decathlon.
Also the qualifying rounds from 1936 (some events); 1948 (all events); 1952 (some events).


Various NUTS British annuals
Various books by NUTS members
Sports-reference.com, using information by the OlyMADMen

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