Officiating Courses

Level 1 Courses for Starting and Starter's Assistant; Track Judging; Field Judging; Timekeeping

Courses have been arranged at the The Mountbatten Leisure Centre, Alex Way, Portsmouth, PO2 9QA on Sunday 3 November 2019.

Application is now online on the England Athletics website:

The programme for the day is:

10.00Arrival, Registration and 'Way Forward' in the Function Room, 1st Floor
10.30Your choice of one of the four disciplines.
Discipline courses include practical work outside so please wear appropriate clothing.

Download Course flyer


Application is now online on the England Athletics website:

For Hampshire and Berkshire your Region is South East

Course numbers are: 
Track JudgingOS0007TR
Field JudgingOS0007FD
Starting and AssistantOS0007SA

Cost is 20

When applying you will also need to register for the Health & Safety Module is you have not done this already. This is an online module and there is no fee.

When applying for your DBS, if you want to put Terry Williams as your Verifier and bring your documents to the Course, he will verify for you at the time.

Please apply as soon as possible and advise Eileen and Terry Williams that you have applied in order to help with local organisation.

telephone: 01252 664455

Please contact Eileen and Terry if you have any queries.

Tea and coffee will be provided on arrival but please bring your own lunch.

Eileen and Terry Williams
Joint Technical Officials Secretaries