Hampshire AA Sportshall Championships 2011
13 March at Portsmouth
Under 11 Boys

1 Lap Hurdles


QLynden OloweSouthampton12.71st ht 1
QJonathan MillerWinchester & District13.21st ht 3
QFinlay TuckwellCity of Portsmouth13.42nd ht 1
QDylan ReadWinchester & District13.92nd ht 3
 Ben CrossCity of Portsmouth14.01st ht 2
 Hayden SeamanSouthampton14.33rd ht 1
 Charlie TalksWinchester & District14.92nd ht 2


1Jonathan MillerWinchester & District13.2 
2Dylan ReadWinchester & District13.2 
3Finlay TuckwellCity of Portsmouth13.3 
 Lynden OloweSouthamptonDQ 

1 Lap


QGeorge RosamSouthampton11.61st ht 1
QCharlie TaylorIsle of Wight11.92nd ht 1
QDaniel HeadSouthampton12.23rd ht 1
QFinlay TuckwellCity of Portsmouth12.51st ht 3
 James WalesAlverstoke Junior School13.12nd ht 3
 Jack ParkerIsle of Wight13.21st ht 2
 Peter LayzellWinchester & District13.52nd ht 2
 Jack RenshawSouthampton14.03rd ht 3
 Brooklyn BrownHavant14.23rd ht 2


1George RosamSouthampton11.7 
2Charlie TaylorIsle of Wight11.8 
3Daniel HeadSouthampton12.1 
4Finlay TuckwellCity of Portsmouth12.7 

3 Lap Time Trial

1Lynden OloweSouthampton37.7R1 1st
2Jonathan MillerWinchester & District38.2R2 1st
3James HaggertyIsle of Wight38.5R2 2nd
4=Benjamin ParkinsonWinchester & District39.2R1 2nd
4=Dylan ReadWinchester & District39.2R2 3rd
6Jack HigginsSouthampton39.5R1 3rd
7Hayden SeamanSouthampton39.8R2 4th
8Steven CrossCity of Portsmouth39.9R1 4th


1Charlie TaylorIsle of Wight19.75 
2=Jack ParkerIsle of Wight16.00 
2=Dylan ReadWinchester & District16.00 
4Benjamin ParkinsonWinchester & District14.50 
5George RosamSouthampton13.50 
6James HaggertyIsle of Wight13.00 
7Jack HigginsSouthampton12.00 
8Jack RenshawSouthampton11.50 
9Brooklyn BrownHavant11.00 
10Ben CrossCity of Portsmouth9.50 

Chest Push

1Finlay TuckwellCity of Portsmouth6.25 
2=Daniel HeadSouthampton5.75 
2=Peter LayzellWinchester & District5.75 
2=Lynden OloweSouthampton5.75 
5James WalesAlverstoke Junior School5.25 
6=Steven CrossCity of Portsmouth4.50 
6=Charlie TalksWinchester & District4.50 

Speed Bounce

1Charlie TaylorIsle of Wight57 
2George RosamSouthampton53 
3Benjamin ParkinsonWinchester & District51 
4James HaggertyIsle of Wight49 
5Peter LayzellWinchester & District48 
6=Steven CrossCity of Portsmouth47 
6=Jack HigginsSouthampton47 
6=Jack RenshawSouthampton47 
9Brooklyn BrownHavant30 

Balance Beam

1=Jonathan MillerWinchester & District60 
1=Hayden SeamanSouthampton60 
3James WalesAlverstoke Junior School27 
4Charlie TalksWinchester & District25 


1Dylan ReadWinchester & District12.5 
2Daniel HeadSouthampton12.7 
3Jack ParkerIsle of Wight14.1 
4Ben CrossCity of Portsmouth15.9 

Long Jump

1Lynden OloweSouthampton2.06 
2Charlie TaylorIsle of Wight1.98 
3Daniel HeadSouthampton1.92 
4Finlay TuckwellCity of Portsmouth1.88 
5James WalesAlverstoke Junior School1.63 
6Brooklyn BrownHavant1.46 

Vertical Jump

1Jonathan MillerWinchester & District46 
2James HaggertyIsle of Wight43 
3Benjamin ParkinsonWinchester & District40 
4Peter LayzellWinchester & District39 
5Charlie TalksWinchester & District37 
6Steven CrossCity of Portsmouth36 
7Hayden SeamanSouthampton32 

Triple Jump

1George RosamSouthampton5.65 
2Jack HigginsSouthampton4.82 
3Ben CrossCity of Portsmouth4.68 
4Jack ParkerIsle of Wight4.53 
5Jack RenshawSouthampton4.18