Hampshire AA Sportshall Championships 2011
13 March at Portsmouth
Under 11 Girls

1 Lap Hurdles


QHolly MillsAndover12.71st ht 1
QEllie HodgsonSouthampton13.12nd ht 1
QAlisha RobinsonIsle of Wight13.21st ht 3
QMollie RenshawSouthampton13.41st ht 6
 Grace KellyCity of Portsmouth13.53rd ht 1
 Abby WoolettWinchester & District13.51st ht 4
 Isabelle BennettSouthampton13.71st ht 5
 Gaia OsborneCity of Portsmouth13.92nd ht 6
 Elise SherwinCity of Portsmouth14.02nd ht 5
 Josie CzuraCity of Portsmouth14.12nd ht 4
 Phillippa AndrewsIsle of Wight14.21st ht 2
 Elsie LewisIsle of Wight14.42nd ht 2
 Eden CrumplinIsle of Wight14.72nd ht 3
 Eleanor PurdueCity of Portsmouth14.73rd ht 5
 Chloe Morgan-LeeSouthampton15.53rd ht 6
 Sarah CollinsCity of Portsmouth17.73rd ht 4


1Holly MillsAndover12.5 
2Ellie HodgsonSouthampton12.8 
3Alisha RobinsonIsle of Wight13.0 
4Mollie RenshawSouthampton13.4 

1 Lap


QEllie HodgsonSouthampton12.01st ht 4
QEmma FroomeWinchester & District12.31st ht 6
QHolly WhitterIsle of Wight12.51st ht 1
QIsabelle BennettSouthampton12.61st ht 3
 Grace KellyCity of Portsmouth12.71st ht 5
 Amber BackhouseIsle of Wight12.82nd ht 6
 Seren HawkesCity of Portsmouth12.93rd ht 6
 Gaia OsborneCity of Portsmouth12.92nd ht 5
 Abby WoolettWinchester & District13.12nd ht 3
 Airmee AkpobireWinchester & District13.23rd ht 5
 Lucy TorranceWinchester & District13.23rd ht 3
 Phillippa AndrewsIsle of Wight13.32nd ht 1
 Nnenna EvansAndover13.32nd ht 4
 Eleanor PurdueCity of Portsmouth13.33rd ht 1
 Abbie MillsAndover13.71st ht 2
 Elsie LewisIsle of Wight13.83rd ht 4
 Caitlen DyerHavant13.94th ht 5
 Frankie HarnettWinchester & District14.02nd ht 2
 Rebecca HedgerAndover14.03rd ht 2
 Sarah CollinsCity of Portsmouth15.84th ht 5
 Emma HallWinchester & District16.94th ht 3


1Ellie HodgsonSouthampton11.7 
2Emma FroomeWinchester & District12.7 
3Holly WhitterIsle of Wight12.7 
4Isabelle BennettSouthampton13.2 

3 Lap Time Trial

1Holly MillsAndover37.0R3 1st
2Maisie GriceCity of Portsmouth38.1R3 2nd
3Elise SherwinCity of Portsmouth39.3R3 3rd
4Briony TuttyIsle of Wight39.6R1 1st
5Josie CzuraCity of Portsmouth39.8R3 4th
6Saxony AndersCity of Portsmouth40.0R2 1st
7Tamzin EllisCity of Portsmouth40.1R2 2nd
8=Lauryn ClarkCity of Portsmouth40.3R1 2nd
8=Abigail CleverleyCity of Portsmouth40.3R1 3rd
10=Elli-Rose FrancisSouthampton40.5R1 4th
10=Chloe Morgan-LeeSouthampton40.5R2 3rd
12Sophie LockyerCity of Portsmouth44.8R2 4th


1Grace KellyCity of Portsmouth17.75 
2=Emma FroomeWinchester & District16.25 
2=Holly WhitterIsle of Wight16.25 
4Ariela RichardsonIsle of Wight15.75 
5Maisie GriceCity of Portsmouth12.75 
6Eden CrumplinIsle of Wight11.50 
7=Tamzin EllisCity of Portsmouth10.50 
7=Mollie RenshawSouthampton10.50 
9Sophie LockyerCity of Portsmouth9.00 
10Briony TuttyIsle of Wight7.75 
11Elli-Rose FrancisSouthampton6.75 

Chest Push

1Ellie HodgsonSouthampton7.00 
2Alisha RobinsonIsle of Wight6.75 
3Gaia OsborneCity of Portsmouth6.50 
4Seren HawkesCity of Portsmouth6.25 
5Saxony AndersCity of Portsmouth5.75 
6=Nnenna EvansAndover5.25 
6=Amber BackhouseIsle of Wight5.25 
8=Abigail CleverleyCity of Portsmouth5.00 
8=Lucy TorranceWinchester & District5.00 
10=Rebecca HedgerAndover4.00 
10=Abbie MillsAndover4.00 
12=Emma HallWinchester & District3.75 
12=Frankie HarnettWinchester & District3.75 

Speed Bounce

1Holly MillsAndover56 
2Emma FroomeWinchester & District55 
3Chloe Morgan-LeeSouthampton53 
4Elise SherwinCity of Portsmouth52 
5Phillippa AndrewsIsle of Wight49 
6=Elli-Rose FrancisSouthampton48 
6=Briony TuttyIsle of Wight48 
8Sarah CollinsCity of Portsmouth45 
9Abbie MillsAndover42 
10Sophie LockyerCity of Portsmouth40 
11Rebecca HedgerAndover37 

Balance Beam

1=Eden CrumplinIsle of Wight60 
1=Alisha RobinsonIsle of Wight60 
3Nnenna EvansAndover48 
4Tamzin EllisCity of Portsmouth45 
5Ariela RichardsonIsle of Wight40 
6Josie CzuraCity of Portsmouth35 
7Isabelle BennettSouthampton19 
8Lauryn ClarkCity of Portsmouth17 
9Airmee AkpobireWinchester & District14 


1Maisie GriceCity of Portsmouth12.7 
2=Grace KellyCity of Portsmouth12.9 
2=Holly WhitterIsle of Wight12.9 
4Mollie RenshawSouthampton13.1 
5Elsie LewisIsle of Wight13.4 
6Abby WoolettWinchester & District13.5 
7Amber BackhouseIsle of Wight14.3 
8Lucy TorranceWinchester & District14.5 
9Eleanor PurdueCity of Portsmouth14.8 
10Saxony AndersCity of Portsmouth15.0 
11Frankie HarnettWinchester & District17.1 
12Emma HallWinchester & District18.5 

Long Jump

1Alisha RobinsonIsle of Wight1.97 
2Emma FroomeWinchester & District1.89 
3Amber BackhouseIsle of Wight1.81 
4Abby WoolettWinchester & District1.80 
5Tamzin EllisCity of Portsmouth1.79 
6Lucy TorranceWinchester & District1.76 
7=Josie CzuraCity of Portsmouth1.75 
7=Gaia OsborneCity of Portsmouth1.75 
9Saxony AndersCity of Portsmouth1.72 
10Briony TuttyIsle of Wight1.71 
11Abigail CleverleyCity of Portsmouth1.63 
12Chloe Morgan-LeeSouthampton1.61 
13Lauryn ClarkCity of Portsmouth1.53 
14Abbie MillsAndover1.52 
15Caitlen DyerHavant1.37 

Triple Jump

1Ellie HodgsonSouthampton6.07 
2Maisie GriceCity of Portsmouth5.37 
3Holly WhitterIsle of Wight5.16 
4Elise SherwinCity of Portsmouth4.84 
5Nnenna EvansAndover4.79 
6Phillippa AndrewsIsle of Wight4.72 
7Elsie LewisIsle of Wight4.57 
8Frankie HarnettWinchester & District4.42 
9Eleanor PurdueCity of Portsmouth4.41 
10Eden CrumplinIsle of Wight4.20 
11Rebecca HedgerAndover4.02 

Vertical Jump

1Holly MillsAndover51 
2Mollie RenshawSouthampton40 
3Seren HawkesCity of Portsmouth39 
4Elli-Rose FrancisSouthampton37 
5Isabelle BennettSouthampton34 
6=Airmee AkpobireWinchester & District32 
6=Ariela RichardsonIsle of Wight32 
8Sophie LockyerCity of Portsmouth31 
9Sarah CollinsCity of Portsmouth22