Hampshire AA Sportshall Championships 2011
13 March at Portsmouth
Under 15 Girls

2 Lap

1Roseanna LaneWinchester & District24.3 
2Sophie WakefieldThe Mountbatten School24.4 
3Rebecca HorleyThe Mountbatten School25.0 

4 Lap

1Stephanie BottellThe Mountbatten School49.3 
2Holly Van-DrielCity of Portsmouth51.4 

2 Lap Hurdles


QStephanie BottellThe Mountbatten School25.81st ht 1
QSophie WakefieldThe Mountbatten School26.41st ht 2
QRoseanna LaneWinchester & District26.72nd ht 1
QHolly Van-DrielCity of Portsmouth27.12nd ht 2
 Rebecca HorleyThe Mountbatten School27.83rd ht 1


1Stephanie BottellThe Mountbatten School25.2 
2Roseanna LaneWinchester & District26.0 
3Sophie WakefieldThe Mountbatten School26.2 
4Holly Van-DrielCity of Portsmouth26.4 

Long Jump

1Holly Van-DrielCity of Portsmouth2.19 
2Stephanie BottellThe Mountbatten School2.12 
3Sophie WakefieldThe Mountbatten School2.03 
4Roseanna LaneWinchester & District1.98 

Shot Put

1Rebecca HorleyThe Mountbatten School6.40 
2Stephanie BottellThe Mountbatten School5.82 

Speed Bounce

1Holly Van-DrielCity of Portsmouth83 
2Sophie WakefieldThe Mountbatten School75 
3Roseanna LaneWinchester & District72 
4Rebecca HorleyThe Mountbatten School70