Hampshire Sportshall League 2017/18
28 January at Portsmouth (Match 3)
Under 13 Boys

Individual scores

      2 Lap 4 Lap Speed Bounce Vertical Jump Long Jump Shot Total
      time pos time pos no. pos height pos dist pos dist pos
1Travis ScottowSouthampton23.2248.41732533=2.081=9.72111
2Ollie MiellNew Forest Junior22.8149.037056112.081=7.52213.5
3Sam MballaWinchester & District24.76=53.711751486=1.9256.03535
4=James MitchellSouthampton24.76=49.856410533=1.77116.46339
4=Finley MartinCity of Portsmouth24.5551.6762124682.0036.11439
6Henry RattrayAldershot Farnham & D23.6349.346594951.829=5.40939.5
7Sam BreamCity of Portsmouth25.49=53.210723486=1.8965.76641
8Jonathan BennettCity of Portsmouth23.9448.62687=4491.8474.131342.5
9Malek RoostaeiCity of Portsmouth25.81252.28687=5421.8385.587=45
10Oscar HoultWinchester & District25.1852.8963113912=1.9445.111155.5
11Nathaniel LambNew Forest Junior25.49=54.6126964210=1.829=5.011259.5
12Kenton JenningsAldershot Farnham & D26.41354.7137144210=1.72125.271062.5
13Zak WilliamsCity of Portsmouth25.71155.01452133912=1.44135.587=71
14Jake MartinAldershot Farnham & D-14=49.96-14=-14=-14=-14=76
15Alfie JayHavant-14=DNF15-14=-14=-14=-14=85

4 x 1 Lap Relay (non-scoring)

1Ollie Miell (NFJ), Nathaniel Lamb (NFJ), James Mitchell (Soton), Travis Scottow (Soton)composite48.9
2Henry Rattray (AFD), Kenton Jennings (AFD), Oscar Hoult (Win), Sam Mballa (Win)composite50.1
3Malek Roostaei, Finley Martin, Zak Williams, Jonathan BennettCity of Portsmouth50.6

Team scores

Position Athlete 1Athlete 2Athlete 3Athlete 4Total points
1City of Portsmouth394142.545167.5


Position Match 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Total points
1=City of Portsmouth201 3
1=Winchester & District102 3

Individual aggregates

   Match 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Total points
1Travis ScottowSouthampton18.58.511 19.5
2Ollie MiellNew Forest Junior182213.5 31.5
3Sam BreamCity of Portsmouth462741 68
4Henry RattrayAldershot Farnham & D56.53439.5 73.5
5James MitchellSouthampton41-39 80
6Malek RoostaeiCity of Portsmouth55.53845 83
7Jonathan BennettCity of Portsmouth-43.542.5 86
8Oscar HoultWinchester & District593455.5 89.5
9Finley MartinCity of Portsmouth51-39 90
10Jake MartinAldershot Farnham & D18-76 94
11Nathaniel LambNew Forest Junior61.54459.5 103.5
12Kenton JenningsAldershot Farnham & D-45.562.5 108
13Reece ElsonAndover/Overton64.555.5- 120
14Ethan DawesNew Forest Junior92.568- 160.5